Github com desktop

github com desktop

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Cloning and forking repositories from. Clone a GitHub repo. Configuring basic settings in GitHub. Amending a commit in GitHub. Creating your coom repository using GitHub Desktop. Viewing and re-running checks.

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Github com desktop Getting started with GitHub Desktop. The issue I reported isn't fixed yet. Stashing changes. Configuring notifications. For more information, see " Creating an account on GitHub.
Github com desktop Work with your remote repo. After you install GitHub Desktop, you can configure and customize the app to best suit your needs. Configuring Git. You can choose a theme in the GitHub Desktop settings. Cherry-picking a commit.

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Step 5: Create a branch, commit to it, and share it � Commit to the new branch on GitHub Desktop � Publish the new branch to GitHub � Browse your branches and. Dive into GitHub Desktop, the open-source app facilitating GitHub interaction via a friendly graphical interface. GitHub Desktop is really nice and easy especially for beginners, but a terminal is extremely useful and so much nicer, flexible, smoother and.
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